Tip: How to make The Lorax movie educational

     We watched The Lorax movie last night. I thought about how much fun the kids had watching it (and me too for that matter). I tried to think of a way to make the movie more meaningful for them. So I came up with a few activities to do with them.

Activity 1: Discuss what is the color orange.

I drew several  objects that were the color orange…the Lorax, an orange, a carrot, and an orange crayon. I had the kids color them orange.

 My daughter got a little excited and added some extra color to hers, but overall I feel like that activity went well.

Activity 2: Create Truffla Trees

We created Truffula trees using straws, tissue paper, and construction paper. I had my kids add squares of colored tissue paper to the glue dots that I placed on their papers. They chose the colored tissue paper. I helped them tape the straws to the paper, and glue the grass on the bottom.

Activity 3: Orange snacks

We had orange snacks consisting of carrots and mandarin oranges. 

Activity 4: Counting marshmallows

I created a template of the numbers 1-10. I had my daughter place the number of marshmallows to match the number in each box. Then we counted each box. This activity was too hard for my son (who is 2), so I had him match colored pom poms.

Activity 5: Read the book

We have a copy of The Lorax and we read the book. As a former teacher, I feel reading (and listening to reading) is essential to developing proper reading techniques and how to respond to reading. Kids need to hear good readers practice reading, and this is a great way to practice! You can also compare the movie to the book (for older kids more than toddlers).

Activity 6: Discuss ways to recycle

I did not have time for this activity, but you could discuss ways to recycle with your children. Discuss the problem in the movie/book and how the trees were wasted. My kids like to help me sort the recycling, so you could incorporate it in that way. Discuss lessons the characters learned from their mistakes and how we can learn from out mistakes.


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