Tip: Practicing writing using different methods

We practiced writing the letter “b” and straight lines one afternoon. My daughter writes her letter b’s by putting the stick on top of the circle, instead of to the left of the circle. I thought this would be a fun way to see the proper way to create the letter b. My son is only 2, but I wanted him to learn some basic writing skills, so my goal for him was to practice drawing straight lines (easier said than done).

Activity 1: Practice writing letters with pencil and paper

I created letters for my children to trace. I drew the letter b several times on a sheet of paper. I used dotted lines for my daughter to trace, as well as just write the letter using solid lines. Then I had her trace the lines. For my son, I did the same thing, except with straight lines. My daughter did well, but my son had trouble drawing the lines.

Activity 2: Using salt, glue, and food coloring

I found a fun way play with salt and glue through pinterest and the website One Perfect Day.



The website had kids making pictures, but I thought this would be a great way to practice letter writing.

I wrote the letters and straight lines on the construction paper and then had my kids cover them in glue. Then I had them choose a color from the food coloring box and put the color in some water. Then they used droppers to wet the salt. Thus making the letters and lines! Then I let them have fun and create whatever they wanted on another piece of paper.

Activity 3: Use shaving cream

It was quite messy, but we had a blast! I had my daughter write the “letter b” in shaving cream and my son try to write lines in the cream. I had them use the shaving cream on cookie sheets, but you could also use it right on a table top. They loved it and we will definitely do it again!


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