Recycle, reduce, reuse

Tip: Every day items you can recycle for art projects

1. Starbucks coffee cups

Great for holding paint, stirring food coloring, holding glue, sorting art supplies

2. Danimals crunchers yogurt containers

The tubs could be used for sorting art supplies, holding paint

The lids could be used for holding paint, glitter, beads, rice, beans

The tubs and lids could be used for storage of art supplies

3. Egg cartons

So many uses! Sorting colors of beads, pom poms, rice, noodles, paint, food coloring…

4. Toilet paper rolls

Endless uses! Kaleidoscopes, toy cars, parts of crafts, large necklaces (when used with yarn), rain noise makers, homemade robots, stacking rolls…

5. Lids/Tops of containers

-Glue foam stamps on top to make stampers for ink pads

-Dip edges in paint to make painted circles

-Poke holes in middle of lids, and string with yarn

-Sort lids by color and size

-Milk cap number matching (from We Can Do All Things

-Yarn Sewing (Putti’s World


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