Tip: Creating paper mache with toddlers

I wanted to create paper mache with my toddlers, but I wasn’t sure if it was too advanced for them. I found this craft idea through Pinterest and The Chocolate Muffin Tree website.

The Chocolate Muffin Tree Egg Shaped Lanterns-



I like this craft because it is simple. You just wrap yarn around the balloon. Spread glue on the balloon with a brush, and then just place the tissue paper on to the balloon. I learned that you have to make sure your yarn is long enough to wrap around the balloon. Some of the pieces I cut were a little short. We still used them, but it was harder to keep on the balloon. Also, larger tissue paper works better than smaller pieces (covers more of the balloon).

Activity: Mixed colors

You could overlap the colors of tissue paper to “mix” them and discuss what new color was made with the first two colors.

Activity: Shapes

You could use different types of balloons to create different shapes. You can discuss the different shapes you have made. I wonder if you could usedifferent plastic containers (just have to figure out how to extract the yarn off of the plastic…).

Activity: Create a story

You could make the lantern and then create a story such as…

-a kid who uses them in their village

-a kid makes one for a celebration/holiday

-a kid who makes one in memory of someone they love who is gone

Activity: Just for fun

Just create one for fun viewing! šŸ™‚


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