Monthly Archives: February 2013

Recycle on the Brain

I’m working on a couple of book ideas about things you can recycle. My latest obsession is plastic lids. There are lids on everything! Lid after lid after lid piles up in the trashcan and is carried away to the masses in the landfills. How can we reduce the number of lids in the landfills? By using them for other things! I’ve found 80 ways you can reuse lids that come on your household containers.

Here are ideas # 1-5...

1. Use a peanut butter lid to cover your open cans of soda to keep the fizz in

2. Use as a spoon rest when cooking

3. Use as water dishes for small pets

4. Floor protectors to put on the bottom of furniture so the furniture doesn’t ruin your floors

5. Water catchers for your potted plants