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Leaf People completed projects


Leaf People

While searching for a fun and easy fall craft to do with two 3-year-olds, I came up with a fun idea. The kids were playing in the backyard when I started to observe the lovely display of leaves around me. I gathered some of my favorite shaped leaves. With a few simple craft supplies, the leaves magically turned into people! You could go crazy and add yarn hair, glitter, popsicle sticks, puffy paint, sequins…and the list goes on and on! I would recommend using tape to hold the twig arms and legs in place. All purpose white glue (ie. Elmer’s glue) was not effective in securing the twigs to the paper. After constructing the leaf people, have your child tell a story (or write a story for older kids) about life as a leaf person.

DIY Interchangeable Burlap Wreath

After perusing on Pinterest, I decided to make an interchangeable burlap wreath. I am planning on using a burlap wreath as decoration for our front door year-round.  I will replace the accessories as the holidays change. That way I only have to make one wreath, but still have the benefit of decorating for different holidays and seasons. 

Picture 1:Image I wrapped a spool of burlap ribbon around a straw wreath (both products I found at Michael’s). You can use Michael’s coupons to cut down on the cost of burlap ribbon. The one I found cost $10, but I had a 40% off coupon which I used to cut down on the price. I hot glued the ends of the burlap to the straw wreath. I would recommend putting something beneath the wreath to keep it from leaving straw all over the place. I chose a bed sheet for that purpose.


Picture 2: I wanted to add color to the burlap wreath as the base for the year-long decoration. I would recommend a color goes well with different seasons. I debated on a medium lime green, or milk chocolate brown as a choice. My husband and I love the color maroon, so that is what I chose to use. I just wrapped it around and hot glued the ends of the ribbon to the burlap.


Picture 3: I found 2 fall berry decorations for 60% off each, which I slipped beneath the maroon ribbon and under the burlap ribbon. You could secure the decorations with hot glue, but I wanted to be able to exchange it later. You could also make a burlap pocket, or wrap the decorations with ribbon and then glue to the wreath.


Picture 4: I looped the extra ribbon into a bow, and sewed the ribbon in the middle to keep it together. I just added a few stitches with each pair of loops to keep the bow intact. In all, I made 3 ribbons. I want to exchange these ribbons later, so I taped the ribbons to the burlap. You could hot glue the ribbon for a permanent look. I will add the first letter of our last name to the side of the wreath, and it will be done!


I drew my inspiration from:

Ginger Snap Crafts 

Little Lovely Leaders 


Happy Fall! 🙂