DIY Interchangeable Burlap Wreath

After perusing on Pinterest, I decided to make an interchangeable burlap wreath. I am planning on using a burlap wreath as decoration for our front door year-round.  I will replace the accessories as the holidays change. That way I only have to make one wreath, but still have the benefit of decorating for different holidays and seasons. 

Picture 1:Image I wrapped a spool of burlap ribbon around a straw wreath (both products I found at Michael’s). You can use Michael’s coupons to cut down on the cost of burlap ribbon. The one I found cost $10, but I had a 40% off coupon which I used to cut down on the price. I hot glued the ends of the burlap to the straw wreath. I would recommend putting something beneath the wreath to keep it from leaving straw all over the place. I chose a bed sheet for that purpose.


Picture 2: I wanted to add color to the burlap wreath as the base for the year-long decoration. I would recommend a color goes well with different seasons. I debated on a medium lime green, or milk chocolate brown as a choice. My husband and I love the color maroon, so that is what I chose to use. I just wrapped it around and hot glued the ends of the ribbon to the burlap.


Picture 3: I found 2 fall berry decorations for 60% off each, which I slipped beneath the maroon ribbon and under the burlap ribbon. You could secure the decorations with hot glue, but I wanted to be able to exchange it later. You could also make a burlap pocket, or wrap the decorations with ribbon and then glue to the wreath.


Picture 4: I looped the extra ribbon into a bow, and sewed the ribbon in the middle to keep it together. I just added a few stitches with each pair of loops to keep the bow intact. In all, I made 3 ribbons. I want to exchange these ribbons later, so I taped the ribbons to the burlap. You could hot glue the ribbon for a permanent look. I will add the first letter of our last name to the side of the wreath, and it will be done!


I drew my inspiration from:

Ginger Snap Crafts 

Little Lovely Leaders 


Happy Fall! 🙂


2 thoughts on “DIY Interchangeable Burlap Wreath

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