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Remembering the Moment

Trying to keep up with 2 preschoolers is a full time job. They have energy coming out their ears. My (mostly) neat house at 8am becomes a tornado zone in the amount of time it takes to walk from the living room to the kitchen. I’m continually amazed at their imagination and their curiosity. I like to listen to their conversations and the stories they make up as they play. I love that my kids are close in age (16 months apart). For the most part, they are best friends. They fight like any other siblings do, but I’m amazed at how well they play together. Sometimes I just want to pause time and enjoy the moment. Try to soak up as much as I can while they are 3 and 4 1/2. School starts in August, and our lives with be dictated by school schedules for the next 15 years. That alone makes me feel old (which I’m not).   

So how do I capture this time? I’ve tried several ways to capture their memories in writing.

Baby books: Goodness knows, I’ve tried writing things down in their books. However, more often than not, I am not able to write down the memory before it’s forgotten. Will it really matter how many words they said at 20 months? Or how long it took to potty train my daughter? Or my son’s height at age 2? Truthfully, I don’t even look through the baby book my parents kept for me. My kids probably won’t look through theirs either.

Memory Jar: My friend has a memory jar for her daughter’s memories. She keeps it in her kitchen. She’s carefully placed colorful pieces of paper and a fun pen beside the jar. Whenever her daughter does something funny, or a special memory occurs, she writes down the memory on a piece of paper and drops it in the jar. The last time I visited her house, the jar was full of colorful paper. So I thought it was a good idea. I had a large jar, and plenty of paper. Why not? Well, despite my true intentions to write every little moment I have with my kids down, it hasn’t happened. Maybe it’s because I’ve kept the jar on my bedroom dresser. Perhaps it’s just me needing to invest in pretty paper. Whatever the reason, that didn’t work for me.


Here is my memory jar with a grand total of 3 memories in it!

Facebook: I’ve learned that I like to use Facebook. It’s almost an addiction. Quick! Post the picture of my kids making a face. Quick! Type a post about how my daughter’s latest achievement. It’s fun for my extended family (who all live several states away) to enjoy watching my kids grow up through pictures and posts. My husband and I race to see who can post the best photo of our kids first. He usually beats me with a quick post about the latest event that has occurred in our family. I’d say that using this form of social media has been one of the best tools for me to keep up with memories. Thankfully I’m not one of those parents who go overboard and post every little event or word my kids have said. Just most of them. 😉

Tell a storyOne of the best ways I’ve found to remember the memories and moments that happen with my kids is through telling a story. Sharing the stories the old fashioned way. By word of mouth. My running buddy and I share memories of our children 3 days a week while we run. Other stories are shared during playdates and visits at friends’ houses. The more I tell the story of a moment or memory with my children, the more it burns into my brain. It’s like having the chance to relive the moment again when sharing it aloud. It also allows the chance for others to relate to what I’m experiencing. I hope to tell as many stories to my children as possible when they grow up. 

Keep your memories. However works best for you-baby book, memory jar, online scrapbook, paper scrapbook, journal, blog, or whatever… But remember the most important part- living in the moment with your children and making the memories. That’s the best part.