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Just Write Something


I read this great article from Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com. I’m posting this to inspire you when you are having “writer’s block” or “resistance” or “the feeling you can’t write anything worth reading”. Just keep writing.

My favorite parts of his article:

  • “So what do we do when this happens? What do I do? And what should you do? Just write something. Anything. Creativity lives off momentum — and it dies from lack thereof.”
  • “The point is that the creative life is more about repetitions than revelations. It’s about going to work every day and trusting the mystery.”
  • “So, no. I don’t think writing is mystical. I think it is very simple and ordinary, and like most things of that sort — relationships, work, parenting, and so forth — it’s hard. Very hard.
  • “But it’s not complicated or impossible to comprehend. All you have to do is begin and then trust the process.”

Jeff Goins gave a great reminder. Just keep writing. I feel that way with running. Some times I feel like going, other times I would rather go back to bed or take a nap on the couch. However, when I decide to go run instead, I am so glad I did. I never regret it. It was worth the effort. So is writing. I won’t always write something extraordinary, but at least I wrote something. Who knows? Perhaps that little bit I wrote will turn into my next book.